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5 Things That Are Actually Enjoyable To Do With Toddlers When It's COLD

Have young kids and have NO idea what to do with them when it's below 30 degrees? Well, I tried a few things so you don't have to ;) Here are 5 thing to do with your littles:

  • Library - Your local library or neighborhood bookstore likely has regular events to check out. My kids and I will pack up some snacks, wipes, and more snacks spend a few hours roaming the shelves, listening to story time, and interacting with other kids

  • Children's Museum - Sure, it may be obvious, but still, it's a great option. They can run, explore, and interact with kids their age. Most museums have a special are for kids under 5. I find those to be heaven. Less big kids running around and knocking down toddlers. Don't forget the snacks LOL

  • Breweries - No really. Breweries are GREAT. There is usually plenty of room to run around, everyone is in a good mood, no one is starring at your when your kids are rolling on the floor and there's guessed it....snacks. Pack a bag and throw in some toys and your kids will be having a blast in no time.

  • The Mall - No joke, sometimes we go to the mall just so the kids can ride the $25 cars LOL. Sometimes we need to get out of the house and do literally anything. The mall is in door, usually warm and HAS SNACKS. Bring some sanitizing wipses and let those kiddos ride some "rides" for a bit. I promise they'll enjoy it!

  • Join forces with other families - If you're bored and miserable inside, chances are so are your other friends with young kids. SOLIDARITY! Join up for a pizza night. Either order in, easy, or do some homemade pizzas! You can usually get the dough from your fav pizza spot and then just add the toppings. Kids LOVE to help so go crazy. Don't forget the wine ;)

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